ENEMY OF THE STATE: Kenny G (China Edition)

Update: Kenny G Mewls His Soothing Apology

Best selling US jazz musician Kenny G has said he does not support pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong after photos of him attending the demonstration site at Admiralty went viral, prompting a stern response from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.


Most governments aren’t too bothered by what jazz saxophonist Kenny G does between concerts, but when he turned up at pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Wednesday, the Chinese authorities were furious.

Music critics may be contemptuous of Kenny G – full name Kenneth Gorelick – as a populist purveyor of elevator muzak, but his best-selling records are adored in China, where he is a bona fide star, making his endorsement an unusual coup for protest leaders.

via China furious after Kenny G appears to back Hong Kong protesters | World news | The Guardian.

On the Soundtrack of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Still, some of the people overseeing with the film questioned Gunn’s choices, suggesting that he make the soundtrack a little more contemporary. “One of the Marvel folks who gave notes on the script kept saying we were crazy to put Seventies songs in the movie, that it was going to be alienating to kids,” the director says. “I guess he thought Quill should have learned how to download Beyoncé and Ke$ha off iTunes. Now I see little kids all over the world singing me ‘Hooked on a Feeling.’ Nothing could make me happier than to have folks take a second look at these songs.”

via Inside the Record-Breaking ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Soundtrack | Rolling Stone.