“eL K” The Minister Of Big Hats, Phreaks Out and Fires Staff

Kaesong, NK.  The Fashion World has blown up with rumors that “eL K” has gone bat-shit crazy over the failed fall fashion fedoras.  Sales did not meet the Minister of Millinery’s 5-Year projected revenue requirements.  The firings have been brutal and we’re told by insiders, the department heads are ‘dropping like flies.’

The Kim has been in a sour mood since last spring’s introduction of “The Missile Cap” bombed with a trajectory of a dead bird.  The sorry looking sombrero’s only took orders from Iran and parts of Syria and Iraq.

el K pissedAccording to two lawmakers in attendance, Lee Cheol-woo and Shin Kyeong-min, representatives of the intelligence agency said Kim does not behave rationally and expects orders to be followed unconditionally, Yonhap reported.


“eL K” Couturier in happier times with his World Famous Big Hat models.

via Kim Jong Un ordered the death of 15 top officials in 2015 – UPI.com.