Just a coincidence?

Or is Free Market Competition good for the consumer?

It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to the Google service or not; the mere fact that there’s now competition in this market is enough to bring down prices for everybody.

TWC, without incoming treat of competition, would have left their ‘package’  just the way it was.  If you wanted something else–tough.  If you wanted faster internet speed-tough.

What are the internet packages/pricing in cities that have (city/stated) granted monopolies?  I would be willing to bet that TWC, Comcast, and FIOS do not change or offer better pricing where they are entrenched.

Locally, in the Tidewater area, when Verizon FIOS was beginning to to lay fiber for FIOS, the dominate cable provider, Cox Cable, started running these self-serving ads, praising themselves:  “Cable Competes”

Ummm, no.  The speed/bandwidth was not even close.  It still is not close today.  Cox offers: 150Mb Down / 20Mb UP.  FIOS offers: 500/500 Mbps. (very pricey)

I would like to see what would happen if Google Fiber were to come to Hampton Roads.

via TWC boosts its internet speeds to counter Google Fiber.