mohammedans murder christians for allahs’ glory (Kenya II): Kundi la nguruwe copulating mbwa

Al-Shabab gunmen rampaged through a university in northeastern Kenya at dawn Thursday, killing 147 people in the group’s deadliest attack in the East African country. Four militants were slain by security forces to end the siege just after dusk.

The masked attackers — strapped with explosives and armed with AK-47s — singled out non-Muslim students

Wait wah?  What a weasel worded excuse and apology. “…non-muslim students…”  JUST WRITE THE FUCKING TRUTH.

How would you have written about the Holocaust?  ‘…non-pork eating people were rounded up…’ ?


at Garissa University College and then gunned them down without mercy, survivors said. Others ran for their lives with bullets whistling through the air.

If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot,” he said. “With each blast of the gun, I thought I was going to die.”

The gunmen then started shooting rapidly, as if exchanging fire, Wetangula said.

Kundi la nguruwe copulating mbwa.

via Al-Shabab militants kill 147 at university in Kenya.