In Spicoli’s Paradise: There is a “Vice Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness”

Two employees at Venezuela’s Vice Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness were far from happy last week when they were fired for refusing to sign a manifesto against the Obama administration, a Caracas-based human rights organization is claiming.
In Petare, a suburb of Caracas, a woman who asked to remain anonymous said she had to step out of a two-hour line to buy fish because she refused to sign the petition, while in the western state of Merida government officials were offering the opportunity to buy milk to those who agreed to support President Nicolas Maduro in his anti-U.S. campaign.
“We also received a case of a worker who was fired for the same reason in Carbonorca [a government-owned company in the state of Bolívar],” said Inti Rodríguez, from the NGO Provea, to Fox News Latino.

Not just Social Happiness but Supreme Social Happiness.

“Ours goes to 11.”

via Venezuela’s government fires employees who refuse to sign against U.S. sanctions, NGO claims | Fox News Latino.