Sure Greece, why not? The muslims are still butthurt about Andalusia.

“It’s not a material matter, it’s a moral issue,” said Tsipras, unusually insisting on raising the “shadows of the past” at the heart of German power in the gleaming new chancellery in Berlin. It was believed to be the first time a foreign leader had gone to the capital of the reunified Germany to make such a demand.

Merkel was uncompromising, while appearing uncomfortable and irritated. “In the view of the German government, the issue of reparations is politically and legally closed,” she said.

TRANSLATION: ‘If the Germans will not bail out our spend-until-eternity economy, we will demand war reparations.’

Ha.  Hey Tsipras, maybe you should go to the capitals of th Persian and Trojan empires and demand drachmas there too.

via Tsipras raises Nazi war reparations claim at press conference with Merkel | Business | The Guardian.