Daeshi: Sheep and donkeys run too fast, get girls from Dar al-Harb

Daeshi IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS) has launched a “considerable recruitment push” focused on women and girls in recent months, according to a comprehensive new report issued Monday by the London-based Human Security Centre (HSC).
The report contrasts the new efforts with Daeshi IS’s previous male-centered recruitment strategy.
Women and girls, the report argues, play a significant role in the group’s mission. Resources have been spent in recent months to attract radicalized foreign females, many of whom are in their 20s. Women account for about 10 percent of the group’s current membership.
“ISIS’s takeover of territory in Syria and Iraq last year was a male driven act, with females expressly forbidden from the qitaal (fighting),” the report states. “However, the desire to form a caliphate comes with practicalities, notably the need for ‘support’ functions, such as increasing the population and establishing communities and home lives that can keep particularly foreign fighters engaged in the region.”

I think that western girls/women who fall for the recruitment will be in for a huge culture shock once inside Daeshi control.

via Islamic State Steps Up Recruitment of Women and Girls | Washington Free Beacon.