Caligula’s White House: Stupid Senate, I Am The United States

The Obama administration is warning Congress once more to stand down from interference with U.S. negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.
White House chief of staff Denis McDonough sent a letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, asserting that pending legislation in Congress likely would have a “profoundly negative impact” on the ongoing talks the U.S. government is having with Tehran.
In the letter sent late Saturday, McDonough told Corker that legislation sponsored by the Tennessee Republican would go far beyond ensuring a role for Congress in any deal with Iran.
“Instead, the legislation would potentially prevent any deal from succeeding by suggesting that Congress must vote to ‘approve’ any deal,” McDonough said. He criticized a provision that would eliminate President Barack Obama’s authority to lift some sanctions on Iran as part of any agreement.

via Associated Press.


One thought on “Caligula’s White House: Stupid Senate, I Am The United States

  1. The legal precedents are quite clear. Yes, in terms of negotiations with foreign powers, the president represents the nation alone, not with Congress. An international agreement is not a treaty, and treaties are all they are constitutionally empowered to ratify or reject – AFTER negotiations, not during. The “advise and consent” clause is clear. Some of these senators need a refresher course in law.

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