It depends on what your definition of, “…signed the paper…” is

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki couldn’t tell reporters on Thursday if Hillary Clinton signed an official records form presented to all employees as they leave the department — a crucial question in determining whether the former Secretary of State committed a felony by failing to turn over government e-mail records.
Former Department of Justice lawyer and National Review contributing editor Shannen Coffin noted this week that Clinton should have signed form OF-109 as part of her standard exit from the department. That form declares that she turned over all relevant records at the time of her departure — and stipulates that any failure to do so could result in felony fines and jail times.
Clinton did not turn over her government communications to the State Department until asked for them late last year.

Dear Talk-Face Psaki,

Do you realize, that, as a government employee/agent you are helping to hide information.  Only a Party Functionary, ja?  Total kool-aid drinker.  Is this what you think each morning, “I’m ready to go out there an muddy the waters of understanding for the people”?

via National Review.