In Spicoli’s Paradise: ‘Our sniper’s headshots are a laugh riot’

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Get it?  The scummy protestors heads are empty so it sounds funny …. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ….when it …….. HAHAHAHAHA ….. blows their head off!   HAHAHAHAHAHA…. oh my sides! HAHAHAHAH…

A bullet traveling through an anti-chavista’s head “goes fast and sounds hollow,” claims Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Roy Chaderton.

Maybe you can get Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover and of course, Spicoli himself to come and make a comedy-documentary-music-video about how fucking funny the sound of a snipers bullet is, passing though the head of a protestor.

Roy, you and the ex-bus driver can; Ir a la mierda, pedazo de mierda.

"That's bogus, dude."

Here, listen again. “Click” ya’ here it? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Here. Here. HAHAHAHA Let me play it again

via Venezuela’s man at the OAS | Fausta’s Blog.