“You can’t quit the fight. We haven’t protested enough in front of the national media!”

“And there are certain to be megadollars, just sitting there, that can be used for studies and white papers”

Which makes the opposition to the legislation from Democrats and gay activists a little strange, and their arguments a bit bonkers. From The Oklahoman:

State Rep. Emily Virgin, D-Norman, argued that if the U.S. Supreme Court should unexpectedly uphold state laws that define marriage as being between a man and a woman, Russ’ bill would end up making same-sex marriages legal in Oklahoma.

Um. Yes … and? The problem with that is what, exactly?

Gay activist group Freedom Oklahoma is against the legislation, because … I’m not sure:

“This legislation puts all couples who plan to marry in Oklahoma at risk of being denied hundreds of federal legal rights and protections, if it were to become law,” said Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma. “The federal government and other states will not be required to acknowledge these proposed ‘marriage certificates.’ This legislation will only result in mass confusion from clerks’ offices to courtrooms around the nation — while putting Oklahoma families at risk.”

Note the weasel words “at risk of.” Why wouldn’t the federal government and other states not be required to acknowledge that these marriage certificates are legitimate? What sort of confusion would there be? Each state already has its own marriage certificate process anyway.

This is the correct and ideal answer.  The State has no business, other than as a entity to hold documentation, deciding who can get married.

via Oklahoma Bill Would Legalize Gay Marriage. This Apparently Bothers Democrats and Gays. – Hit & Run : Reason.com.