EPA Head McCarthy: Can you just fuck off with all the Chicken Little warnings?

In a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, Ms. McCarthy said the changing climate — which she believes is largely caused by human activity — puts economies, global security and food supplies at risk.

Coffee lovers also will eventually feel the effects, the EPA chief said.

“Climate change puts the world’s coffee-growing regions at risk,” Ms. McCarthy said, adding that the world must begin to weave climate-change efforts into virtually every other policy.

“Growth depends on a safe environment and a stable climate. We can no longer accept the false premise [How Obama like.] that pollution is somehow part of the growing pains of growth,” she said. “If that’s your premise, then the foundation of that growth was not built to last. It was wrongly designed. … Climate change isn’t just a moral responsibility we must accept. It’s an economic opportunity we can seize.”

Your spiel is getting dog-ass tired.

via Climate change puts coffee at risk, EPA chief warns – Washington Times.