“The peasants need to learn their place.” (Kennedy Edition)

After being turned away from the club, she screamed: ‘I am a Kennedy, Google me!’, The New York Post reported, quoting a source.
One witness said Kyra, a great-niece of JFK, then threatened: ‘If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.’
When she was still refused entry to the over-21s club, she went to scream at the front desk staff that she would sue.
Turning Stone Resort Casino would not comment when contacted by Daily Mail Online on Tuesday.
Miss Kennedy was visiting friends for the weekend at Syracuse University. Andrew Warren posted a picture to his Instagram account of the pre-party in a hotel room where Kennedy and friends Gaia Matisse and Julia Moshy posed up in their lingerie in front of a table laden with vodka and tequila.


via RFK Jr’s underage daughter Kyra ‘freaks out after getting turned away from club’ | Daily Mail Online.