Vlad: Biding time to use the ‘Brad Thor Plan’ on Ukraine

The suggested formula of the ultimatum is as follows: Ukraine must withdraw heavy weaponry from the zone of the conflict on a par with federalists, Kiev must take under full control all of its military formations, including the Right Sector group, cease fire and observe all other provisions of the Minsk peace accords signed on February 12.

If these conditions are not met, Russian government and banksmust demand the immediate repayment of all loans, and Russian natural gas company Gazprom must take urgent measures against the reversal supplies of Russian natural gas to Ukraine from European countries.

In the latter case, Russia could use the received funds for support of its own industry and agriculture, banking sector and small businesses, the Communists state.

BTW: You should read Act of War. It was a fun read.

via Ukraine should observe peace accords or return Russian loans – Communists — RT Russian politics.