Jihadi John Send Letter of Thanks to Iraqi National Museum

Dear Infidels,

We are writing to thank you (ahead of time) for your thoughtfulness in arranging to have all of your blasphemous iconography located in one central location.

It is so terribly difficult to fight a battle for territory, round up the infidels, take/sell slaves, murder the innocent, terrorize the population, murder some more innocents, then to locate and demolish; pagan, christian, and any other sacrilegious icons.

We can only spare so many brothers, sledge hammers, hammer drills and explosives, to get gods will, done.  When Sheik al-Baghdadi heard the INM had reopened, with everything in one place, he was like, “Christ that saves us a lot of time!”  He sends his best regards to you for your efforts.

An aside, as author of this note, I am also responsible for scrapping all of the easily-offend-Allah graven imagery.   I understand that you currently have this trash set out, for the godless to view.

A small favor: when you hear that we are in town–move all of the offending: statues, paintings, writings, and other various, non-redeeming, “Stones and Bones” to a single room near the front driveway. I am hoping to handcuff or tie a Shahid to a nice truck bomb and get rid of the load with one glorious phone call.

Thanks in advance.  It will really save my bacon–too many throats and not enough time and video.  (And maybe save Ahmed “Hammerhand” Mohammed from another broken hand.  But that’s a story for another time–Ha ha!)

Yours truly,

Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John)

The Iraqi national museum has reopened its doors twelve years after tens of thousands of artefacts were looted in the wake of the U.S. invasion in 2003.
Since then around 3,000 priceless treasures, including one figurine which dates back 4,400 years, have been recovered and returned to the museum’s collection.

via Iraq’s national museum in Baghdad re-opens 12 years after US invasion | Daily Mail Online.