In Spicoli’s Paradise: There is a “Vice Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness”

Two employees at Venezuela’s Vice Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness were far from happy last week when they were fired for refusing to sign a manifesto against the Obama administration, a Caracas-based human rights organization is claiming.
In Petare, a suburb of Caracas, a woman who asked to remain anonymous said she had to step out of a two-hour line to buy fish because she refused to sign the petition, while in the western state of Merida government officials were offering the opportunity to buy milk to those who agreed to support President Nicolas Maduro in his anti-U.S. campaign.
“We also received a case of a worker who was fired for the same reason in Carbonorca [a government-owned company in the state of Bolívar],” said Inti Rodríguez, from the NGO Provea, to Fox News Latino.

Not just Social Happiness but Supreme Social Happiness.

“Ours goes to 11.”

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Jeb Love Big Government Spying

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated that he is “nervous” about criticism of the NSA and that he wished the president would do a better job defending government surveillance systems on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”
Bush said that lone wolf terrorism “is a serious threat in a world where we’re so connected with the rest of the world. We have people moving in and people moving out. People get their information now, not everybody gets to listen to your show to get all their information. People get their information in different ways. They get disaffected, disillusioned, preyed upon, and so yeah, I think that this is an ongoing threat, and I hope that our counterintelligence capabilities are always vigilant. I’ve always been nervous about the attacks on the NSA, and somehow that we’re losing our freedoms by keeping the homeland safe. I think we need to be really vigilant about that.”

via Jeb: I’m ‘Nervous’ About NSA Criticism, Obama Should Defend NSA – Breitbart.

Not from The Onion: Rich Film Producer Sexually Assaults 22 Year Old Model (Weinstein Edition)

The woman informed cops that Weinstein, a married 63-year-old father of five, groped her breasts and reached up her skirt around 6 p.m. Friday in his third-floor office at the Tribeca Film Center on Greenwich St., sources said.
“He asked if her breasts were real before touching them,” a police source said. “She asked him to stop, and he put his hand up her skirt. He asked for a kiss; she responded ‘No.’”
Once the model left Weinstein’s office, she called a friend and described what happened, another police source said. The friend took her to the 9th Precinct stationhouse in the East Village, and officers there drove her to the 1st Precinct station in Tribeca to report the incident.
“She really was very upset,” said a third police source.

Hey Harv, maybe try the Shaggy Defense:


via Harvey Weinstein accused of groping Italian model: sources – NY Daily News.

Child, Sociology Prof Pretending to be Important (Cali Edition)

According to Lisa Wade, a professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles, if you have an understandings of Economics, you are likely a bad person.

That was her finding in an article she published this week, titled “ARE ECONOMICS MAJORS ANTI-SOCIAL?” The first word in the piece was simply, “Yep.”

Dr. Wade writes that if you have taken classes on Economics, you “are less likely to share, less generous to the needy, and more likely to cheat, lie, and steal.”

What purpose is there in this study?  The need to publish “science” proving that people who understand econ are bad (and conservative.)  California Taxpayer Dollars® down the tube.

You are a child, playing at being a professional.  Your “work” is unimportant.  Outside of your cloistered existence on college campus: No. One. Cares.

via Liberal Professor: If You Understand Economics, You’re Likely to be a Bad Person | PUNDIT PRESS.

Helping Steven R. Donziger with some Streisand Effect

The court found that Donziger corrupted the Ecuadorian case by submitting fraudulent evidence, coercing the judge, paying off a supposedly impartial expert, paying a Colorado consulting firm to write the expert’s report, falsely presenting the report as the expert’s own work, bribing the judge to give a ruling against Chevron and then trying to mislead the US courts.

Absurd Fourth Circuit ruling embodies everything that’s wrong with drug raids

Given all of that, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to serving search warrants for drug crimes, there is no Castle Doctrine, there is no knock-and-announce requirement and there’s barely still a Fourth Amendment at all.

Click forth and read all (and sigh):

via Absurd Fourth Circuit ruling embodies everything that’s wrong with drug raids – The Washington Post.

You might have a conflict of interest if…

…you are DEA and attending ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes, financed by Colombian drug lords.  Good times…good times.

“Although some of the DEA agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds. A foreign officer also alleged providing protection for the DEA agents’ weapons and property during the parties,” the report said. “The foreign officers further alleged that in addition to soliciting prostitutes, three DEA SSAs [special agents] in particular were provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members.”

And what kind of SEVERE penalty did the DEA bring to bear on these ‘agents’?

Ten DEA agents later admitted attending the parties, and some of the agents received suspensions of between two to 10 days.

Wow!  That’s harsh man.

via DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes, watchdog says – John Bresnahan and Lauren French – POLITICO.

Germanwings plane: Co-pilot acted deliberately in crash

It seems to have been no accident, officials said Wednesday.
Information collected by investigators suggests the co-pilot who was in control of the Germanwings airplane when it crashed, killing all 150 people on board, was acting deliberately, the prosecutor said Thursday.
The co-pilot apparently “wanted to destroy the aircraft,” Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said.
Lufthansa officials are “speechless that this aircraft has been deliberately crashed by the co-pilot,” CEO Carsten Spohr said.
It’s unknown whether the co-pilot planned his actions in advance, Robin said. But the co-pilot, 28-year-old German national Andreas Lubitz, “took advantage” of a moment in which the pilot left the cockpit.
Screaming could be heard on the audio recording only in the last few minutes, and death was instantaneous for those on board when the plane crashed, Robin said.

Sick fuck.  Curses on your soul.

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Sure Greece, why not? The muslims are still butthurt about Andalusia.

“It’s not a material matter, it’s a moral issue,” said Tsipras, unusually insisting on raising the “shadows of the past” at the heart of German power in the gleaming new chancellery in Berlin. It was believed to be the first time a foreign leader had gone to the capital of the reunified Germany to make such a demand.

Merkel was uncompromising, while appearing uncomfortable and irritated. “In the view of the German government, the issue of reparations is politically and legally closed,” she said.

TRANSLATION: ‘If the Germans will not bail out our spend-until-eternity economy, we will demand war reparations.’

Ha.  Hey Tsipras, maybe you should go to the capitals of th Persian and Trojan empires and demand drachmas there too.

via Tsipras raises Nazi war reparations claim at press conference with Merkel | Business | The Guardian.

Legal defense for political aristocrats vs. low-born

The government attorneys, however, insist that the officials didn’t break the law or act in bad faith by not revealing to anyone that it never searched Mrs. Clinton’s emails, despite hundreds of requests for her electronic communications that were unable to be completely fulfilled because the department didn’t gain access to her messages until late last year.

You try this SHIT excuse in court and find out what happens.

‘Well, Your Honor, its not criminal because my client’s emails were not on the company server.  The CEO had a personal server outside of company HQ and we did not know it until just last week.’

via Obama scrambles to limit Hillary Clinton email scandal damage – Washington Times.

Daeshi: Sheep and donkeys run too fast, get girls from Dar al-Harb

Daeshi IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS) has launched a “considerable recruitment push” focused on women and girls in recent months, according to a comprehensive new report issued Monday by the London-based Human Security Centre (HSC).
The report contrasts the new efforts with Daeshi IS’s previous male-centered recruitment strategy.
Women and girls, the report argues, play a significant role in the group’s mission. Resources have been spent in recent months to attract radicalized foreign females, many of whom are in their 20s. Women account for about 10 percent of the group’s current membership.
“ISIS’s takeover of territory in Syria and Iraq last year was a male driven act, with females expressly forbidden from the qitaal (fighting),” the report states. “However, the desire to form a caliphate comes with practicalities, notably the need for ‘support’ functions, such as increasing the population and establishing communities and home lives that can keep particularly foreign fighters engaged in the region.”

I think that western girls/women who fall for the recruitment will be in for a huge culture shock once inside Daeshi control.

via Islamic State Steps Up Recruitment of Women and Girls | Washington Free Beacon.

M Yiannopoulos: I’ve Worked It Out: [Daeshi] Is a Gay Death Cult

Consider the evidence. All those butch pics of ululating young men in sleeveless tees with their guns out. (Both sets!) All that hugging and wailing and attention-seeking… well, you get the idea. Is it just me, or is there something a bit cringe and unconvincing about all that desperate, preening masculinity?
When I see groups of young men huddled on hilltops in Syria, all I can think about is gay club meat markets and the changing rooms at Gold’s. Nowhere is this more evident than when they chuck gays off roofs: as we all know, inside every angry homophobe there’s a Liberace screaming to get out.

via I’ve Worked It Out: ISIS Is a Gay Death Cult – Breitbart.

Greenpeace founder: Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic

I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told “the debate is over” and “the science is settled.”
My skepticism begins with the believers’ certainty they can predict the global climate with a computer model. The entire basis for the doomsday climate change scenario is the hypothesis increased atmospheric carbon dioxide due to fossil fuel emissions will heat the Earth to unlivable temperatures.
In fact, the Earth has been warming very gradually for 300 years, since the Little Ice Age ended, long before heavy use of fossil fuels. Prior to the Little Ice Age, during the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings colonized Greenland and Newfoundland, when it was warmer there than today. And during Roman times, it was warmer, long before fossil fuels revolutionized civilization.
The idea it would be catastrophic if carbon dioxide were to increase and average global temperature were to rise a few degrees is preposterous.
By its constitution, the IPCC has a hopeless conflict of interest. Its mandate is to consider only the human causes of global warming, not the many natural causes changing the climate for billions of years. We don’t understand the natural causes of climate change any more than we know if humans are part of the cause at present. If the IPCC did not find humans were the cause of warming, or if it found warming would be more positive than negative, there would be no need for the IPCC under its present mandate. To survive, it must find on the side of the apocalypse.

via Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic | Heartlander Magazine.

christians plunder mosques for the glory of god

Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed by months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said.
Samantha Power spoke to reporters on Tuesday after a Security Council visit last week to the country, calling the devastation “kind of crazy, chilling”. …
Power said 417 of the country’s mosques have been destroyed. She visited the one remaining Muslim neighborhood in the capital, Bangui, and described the residents as “a terrified population.”

But of course, the other side of the coin.

via Christians Have Destroyed Almost All the Mosques In the Central African Republic; an American Fan Cheers Them On.

‘Pepsi’ mohammedans murder, bomb ‘Coke’ mohammedans for allahs’ glory

A group claiming to be a Yemeni branch of Islamic State posted a statement online saying that five [murder] suicide bombers carried out what it described as a “blessed operation” against the “dens of the Shias”.

The claim could not immediately be independently confirmed and offered no proof of an Isis role. It was posted on the same website in which the Isis affiliate in Libya claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s deadly attack on a museum in Tunisia.

The Houthi militia’s television station, Al-Massira, said hospitals were urgently appealing for blood donations.

“Infidel” carries a wide range of optional meaning to the Daeshi.

I’m sure ‘Mo’ and his bro look down from Paradise, high-five and say, “Good Job.  Nice murder operation.”

Just, filth of the soul.

via Yemen: scores dead in suicide bombings at Houthi mosques in Sana’a | World news | The Guardian.

Preventing Thought Crime In England

Campaigners like me sincerely believed that if we could prevent people expressing prejudiced thoughts, they’d stop thinking them,” says Phillips. He now says they were “utterly wrong” – although you could argue that a child who is taught in school not to repeat the old racial slurs his parents used will become less of a hater.

He interviews Ann Cryer, the veteran MP for Keighley, who years ago took up the case of several mothers whose daughters, aged 12 and 13, were being used for sex by local men, nearly all from the Mirpur district of Pakistan. Neither West Yorkshire Police nor Bradford Social Services wanted to know. To the politically correct, this was simply a category error: white people did bad things to black and brown people, not the other way round.
With the authorities meekly condoning multiple “cultures”, however misogynist or backward, and making it a crime to criticise what was unacceptable, brutal or downright illegal, even tolerant people grew angry and disillusioned.
The mistake we made,” says Phillips, “was we gave people a kind of cultural exemption from normal, reasonable, decent behaviour.”

He won’t be invited to many dinner parties for this article.

via We must listen to Trevor Phillips and his inconvenient truths about race – Telegraph.

Virginia Alcohol Beverage and Water Control, Plans College Tour

Update: Panel to review powers of Va. ABC agents

A panel appointed by Virginia’s governor to examine the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Department’s law enforcement activities is set to conduct its first meeting.
The 20-member review panel chaired by Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran convenes Monday afternoon at the state Capitol.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe created the panel after a public uproar over an ABC agent’s arrest of a University of Virginia student last month. The student, Martese Johnson, needed 10 stitches to close a gash on his head. Photos and video of the arrest were widely distributed on social media.

Update: The hits keep rollin

An arrest that left a University of Virginia student bloodied and shouting allegations of racism has prompted some lawmakers to question whether state liquor control agents should have the power to arrest people.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe ordered the Virginia State Police to investigate the early Wednesday arrest of Martese Johnson, who needed 10 stitches to close a gash on his head after his altercation with Alcoholic Beverage Control agents outside a Charlottesville bar. State police said that “administrative review” will be conducted along with a criminal investigation requested by the Charlottesville prosecutor.


The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is going to college campuses around the state to talk to students and others about preventing alcohol and drug abuse.

Yeahhhh.  They really engender trust with the college kids.  But they have a bitchin Great Big-Ass Mobile Command HQ.


Woo-Ya!!! Sargent!

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