Ohio Judge Tim Grendell is a petty, law-ignorant, totalitarian, thug

Somebody mean bruised Tim Grendell’s feels.
They didn’t do it directly. Nobody marched up to Grendell and said “you’re a petty, totalitarian thug” to his face. Nobody left a hurtful comment on his LiveJournal.
No, somebody said mean things about Tim Grendell in a private conversation with another person, a third party.
Tim Grendell caught wind of it. Now, generally, when people find out that someone is trash-talking them, they have a few options: they can rub dirt on it and walk it off like a goddamn grown-up, they can engage in debate, high or low, with their critic, or they can even sue the critic privately for some sort of redress of buttchafe.
But Tim Grendell isn’t people. He’s a judge. Specifically, he’s a judge on the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas Probate and Juvenile Division in Ohio.
That gives Tim Grendell power — and he’s not afraid to abuse it.

Just help you out Timmy, with the Streisand Effect.  Law-ignorant, bug-eyed, tyrant.  Try and work your SEO on this.

via Worthy of Contempt: Ohio Judge Tim Grendell Abuses His Office To Suppress Criticism | Popehat.