PPTHRIMC (Danish imam in Germany)


“Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Make them suffer terribly,” the subtitles read.

When BT asked Ismail, he rejected that he had encouraged killing all Jews.

‘Are you going to believe me, an imam, or your lying ears, Infidel.’

“I don’t think all Jews must die. Only the Jews that have killed people in Gaza.

If this statement were parsed truthfully, I am certain the “…the Jews..” he is referring to are ‘every single one in Israel.’

I have asked God to destroy the Jews that kill us. It’s not all Jews, because I know Jews that are good to us. I never meant all Jews.”

Of course not, noooooooo.

via Danish imam encourages followers to kill Jews – News – The Copenhagen Post.