Mike Rowe gets a letter of thanks for championing Skilled Labor

Then I discovered Dirty Jobs, and started following the work you were doing in regards to the skills gap. It struck a chord with me, but I felt anything less than a college degree would leave a sour taste in my wife’s mouth. So I switched to a math major, and again, after a few semesters I was back in that same rut. I sat down with my wife and we talked about another direction. She was very supportive and pushed me to look deeper into skilled labor.

March 10th I will be starting a 4 year apprenticeship with the Electric Company to become an over head line worker. So in short Mike, thank you. Had it not been for dirty jobs and my introduction to the work you are doing, I would likely be in a classroom, depressed and dreading each day. Why? Because I wouldn’t have known about the demand for skilled labor.

My message for people out there is this – don’t let the pressure of society drag you into a four-year degree. It’s not the only option. Companies out there are willing to pay you to learn a useful skill – rather than you paying an institution a fortune to learn from them. All it takes is looking, and right now you won’t be looking long.

All the better reason to close the federal funded Rape Factories.

via A Pithy Valentine to the Stuff that really Matters « Profoundly Disconnected.