A few more “particular problem that has roots in Muslim communities” (PPTHRIMC) Incidents

particular problem


Heads bowed in terror the orange-clad Kurdish fighters are paraded through streets filled with jeering militants in the latest horrifying video release from DaeshiIslamic State.
In a grim echo of the terrible fate which befell Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh the captives, reportedly Peshmerga fighters, are dressed in orange jumpsuits and shackled in cages.
Just as Lt. al-Kaseasbeh was burned alive on camera, DaeshiIS are planning to do the same with their latest prisoners, according to posts on social media

Perhaps the non-description should become an acronym: “particular problem that has roots in muslim communities” (PPTHRIMC)

ISIS video claims to show 17 Kurdish fighters in caged procession | Daily Mail Online.