A Police Shooting In Accordance With The Law

This is a bit of history from 2009.  Still relevant to today’s news in the US.

The MSM feeds a lot of stories about bad decisions bad police and it makes it look like a huge problem.  [Remember, The Summer of Shark Attacks, in 2001?  Or that YOU are probably going to get measles, tomorrow!]

Officer Decker was white, the two murderers were black.

The majority of police shootings are more along the line of this:

On March 19, 2009, at 12:30am, Norfolk Police Officer Victor E. Decker was in uniform on routine, single bicycle patrol in Downtown Norfolk when he heard gunshots. As he neared the corner of Plume Street and Bank Street in response to the gunshots, he observed two men running toward him. When Officer Decker saw a black, semi-
automatic weapon in the hand of one of the men, he immediately jumped off of his bicycle and yelled at the men to get down and drop the gun. One man complied with the instructions, but the other man, with the gun in his hand, raised his arm and fired
the gun at Officer Decker. Once the man’s gun fired, Officer Decker returned fire with his service weapon. The man was struck, fatally wounded. Officer Decker then approached the men, secured them, and called for assistance.

The initial gunshots heard by Officer Decker were the result of a robbery and fatal shooting of a man carried out by the two men. The victim, unknown to the suspects, was simply sitting in his car when they approached him and attempted to rob him. The man was then fatally shot by one of the men.

via Microsoft Word – Decker Award of Honor – 1218.