Temporary Help Wanted: Facade for Cabinet Position


Must be a motivated Team Player, able to take infinitesimal directions and convert into grand winning strategy.  The position will report to several key higher ups. This important figurehead position will require a great desire to support: current policy, past policy, or emerging policy.  Must be harbinger of future events.  Materialization of flexible Team Policy decisions will be implemented without questions.  This is a short term position.

Salary: Only $199,700 year plus healthcare.  HUGH possibilities for post employment earnings.

Military knowledge a plus but not required.


Update: ‘What part of the job description didn’t you fucking understand?!!’

President Obama’s pick to be the next defense secretary on Wednesday assured senators reviewing his nomination that he will be an independent voice inside the administration, even going as far as to suggest his perspective differs from the White House on such critical issues as Guantanamo Bay, Ukraine and putting soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ashton Carter’s performance before the Senate Armed Services Committee provoked an immediate response from the White House, where the chief presidential spokesman Joshua Ernest cautioned that Mr. Obama, and not Mr. Carter, sets policy.

“A decision like this will be made by the commander in chief,” Mr. Earnest retorted when questioned about Mr. Carter’s testimony about arming Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Update: For Obama and the Pentagon, an uneasy relationship

But Gates,…  suggested the real issue rested with the president himself.
“When a president wants highly centralized control in the White House at the degree of micromanagement that I’m describing, that’s not bureaucratic, that’s political,” he said.


Another often-touted possibility for defense secretary is Rhode Island senator Jack Reed, but he’s staying put too. Why the unwillingness to take the top Pentagon job? Too many people view it as a job not worth having in an atmosphere where the White House micromanages everything.

It’s well known after Secretary Hagel’s clashes with White House staff that anyone who takes the Pentagon job will be butting heads with Susan Rice, the National Security Council adviser who exercises an iron grip on key aspects of foreign policy. Not to mention Valerie Jarrett, the influential presidential counselor who seems to have both hands in every pie at the White House. “Why should anyone put up with those headaches and not even have full command of your department?” asks one leading Democratic defense analyst I spoke with. He said the White House’s need to micromanage the national-security apparatus is notorious in Washington.

via Why Obama Is Finding It Hard to Get a New Defense Secretary | National Review Online.