FLOTUS Fundraising (Doughnut Edition)

Think about it; the Federal Government sets controls for doughnut sales in local schools.  And we allow it.

Such fundraising is now restricted in Virginia – the result of federal regulations spurred by Michelle Obama’s push for healthier food in schools.

This is from the woman who admitted she was too stupid a parent to know what to feed her children.  ‘Its so hard.’

Clubs must now rely on selling granola bars, fruit cups and light popcorn, or running events such as car washes.

Car washes?  Not so fast.

Some argue that the rules are eating a hole in their ability to raise revenue for trips, uniforms and events.
“It’s so clearly obvious – there are just not as many options,” said Becky Hinton, Western Branch’s student activities director, who added that doughnut sales raked in about $3,500 a year.

How far into our lives will we allow The State to intrude?  Its all about the dollar$:

‘You take our federal education funds, then you eat our federal shit.’

via Schools say healthy food push is hurting fundraisers | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com.