Hirsi Ali: Western response to Islamic threats “incoherent and haphazard.”

“You are going to see people beheaded, their hands and legs cut off, the mass enslavement of women,” warned Hirsi Ali, a sharp critic of Muslim leaders and radicals and an advocate of women’s rights.
“We have had over a long period of time… even before the Reagan administration, so many warning signs that we have ignored,” Hirsi Ali said. “But now we have no more excuse to ignore them.”
In an interview Tuesday, she labeled the Western response to Islamic threats as “incoherent and haphazard.”
During her speech at the Norfolk Forum, she advocated “a battle of ideas…. Their slogan is, ‘We love death.’ Ours should be, ‘We love life, and we’re going to fight for it to the end.’ That is an easy war to win.”

via Norfolk Forum speaker criticizes response to Islamic threats.