BBC: US is FAIL to save hostages from Daeshi

In addition to the horrific voyeurism of the latest hostage murder video from IS, something else stands out: The total inability of the US and its coalition allies to save hostages from the clutches of IS.
For all its multi-billion-dollar intelligence-gathering agencies, its satellites in space, and its highly trained special operations teams, Washington has been unable to mount a successful hostage rescue mission in IS territory.
So this video is not just a warning to Arab pilots taking part in the US-led air strikes, it is a calculated mockery of coalition impotence to stop them murdering their hostages, slowly, in broad daylight, at a time of their choosing.
Everyone knows their base is in Raqqa in northern Syria and it is no secret that other hostages are still in IS hands.
Efforts may now be increased to find them but an earlier US rescue mission failed and planners will be looking at the long odds against another one having any more success.

Oh yea, and evidently US Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) isn’t up to par in Daeshi controlled areas:

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported on Wednesday that the United Arab Emirates suspended its involvement in the anti-IS air strikes after Lt Kasasbeh was captured in December.

It cites US officials as saying the UAE wants the Pentagon to improve its search-and-rescue efforts in Iraq before it resumes bombing missions.

‘Nicely done Ian, never let an article pass without a chance to criticize The Colonies, yes?’

via BBC News – Jordan executes convicted jihadists after pilot’s death.