Critics: Watch the Damn Movie First (American Sniper)

I have watched Clint Eastwood’s story of Chris Kyle, American Sniper.  I read the book when it was released.

If someone of the Panty-Waist Left (PWL) criticize the movie for ‘glamorizing war’ or ‘hero worship’ of soldiers/sailors depicted–they are lying.  They have not seen the movie.  They are just jumping on the bandwagon to give them some Street Cred.  Again, they are fucking lying.

In the first fifteen minutes, in the first sniper scene, Eastwood sets the tone for the whole movie.  It is a total negative statement on the ‘glory of war’.   The movie did not glamorize or make-happy any part of warfare or being a sniper.  Kyle’s return to home/family/wife is depicted with Kyle emotionally bottling up everything he did and saw while on deployments–trying to keep Taya from the ugliness.  Eastwood successfully showed  the pain and tension between Taya and Chris that, this ‘soldiers trait’ causes.

So, when a PWL whines about American Sniper with any of the above themes, you can know they have not seen the movie.