Too much pot: Growers struggle with glut of legal weed

He and other growers say it’s been a mistake for the state to license so much production while the rollout of legal stores has lagged.
“If it’s a natural bump from the outdoor harvest, that’s one thing,” said Jeremy Moberg, who is sitting on 1,500 pounds of unsold marijuana at his CannaSol Farms in north-central Washington. “If it’s institutionally creating oversupply … that’s a problem.”

You pushed for and won legalization. Now you have it.  Embrace the free markets but don’t ask for more government intervention.

Update:  (I wrote too soon)  Pot Sellers Lobby Against Medical Marijuana in Washington State

Now the new retailers are hiring lobbyists to push state legislators in Olympia to regulate medical cannabis. They want medical marijuana to meet the same safety standards as recreational pot and say customers who aren’t true patients should have to buy the high-tax retail product. Some dispensaries are bringing in their own lobbyists to make sure they don’t get squeezed out. Amber Lewis was hired in November by an alliance of medical and recreational businesses that want to figure a way that’s fair to both sides. “I’ve learned that in the cannabis industry, things are very loose, until they’re not,” says Lewis.

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