Spicoli’s Paradise: shortages, long lines spark violence, arrests

Critics blame Venezuela’s recession on socialist policies such as 12-year-old exchange control system, one that fails to provide enough hard currency for imports.
State-run supermarkets have started restricting access based on identity cards. Only Venezuelans whose card number ends in 0 or 1 were allowed to shop on Monday, local media reported.

But the Ex-Bus Driver will not be fooled.  He knows what is Really Going On:

President Nicolas Maduro, whose popularity has plunged, says right-wing agitators and Venezuela’s elite are trying to topple him via an “economic war.”
“At the start of this year the parasitical oligarchy ambushed us but we and the people are responding,” he said at the weekend from Saudi Arabia.

Isn’t always the Parasitical Oligarchy at the root cause?

via Venezuelan shortages, long lines spark violence, arrests – Yahoo News Canada.