A Very Interesting US Patent: Phytocannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancer

[0001] This invention relates to the use of phytocannabinoids, either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS), as a prophylactic or in the treatment of cancer. Typically the cancer to be treated is a cancer of the:
prostate, breast, skin, glioma, colon, lung or a bone or lymph metastasis. The phytocannabinoids may be used in combina tion With other cancer treatments.


[0013] Researchers hoWever have discovered that some cannabinoids, including THC and cannabidiol (CBD) are able to promote the re-emergence of apoptosis so that some tumours Will heed the signals, stop dividing, and die. The process of apoptosis is judged by observation of several phe nomena including: reduced cellular volume, condensation of nuclear chromatin, changes in distribution of phospholipids in plasma membrane phospholipids, and cleavage of chromatin into DNA fragments called DNA ladders.