Gutfeld on the Sony Hack: It Is Not Our Business

I hate the news right now, because websites, TV shows, and blogs are all reporting on the Sony emails – poring over the content, sucking out the juiciest bits and spitting them our way.
Accidentally, I’ll get one right in the eye – but for the most part, I’m ducking and letting them fly right by. I don’t want to see them, period.
I want nothing to do with reading these emails, and it pisses me off to see how petty and shortsighted so much of the media are (and the public too), in their insatiable gobbling up of this private gossip. They’re like me with Lindeman chocolates.
If these were not emails, but hacked private financial records, would you find it so funny? Nope.
If this were medical data on a friend’s embarrassing illnesses, would you take a peek? Heck no.
If the leak happened to be a trove of nude pictures (like the Jen Lawrence hack), photos done privately for a loved one far away – would you still look, and get a kick out of it?
You and I do not deserve to read the Sony emails, any more than we deserve to indulge in private medical, financial, or sexual matters of other people. If you knew these people personally – would you look, if you could? I think not.

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via GUTCHECK: Why Sony Should Scare You.