Japanese Butthurt Over History, Truth

‘Unbroken’ strikes a nerve in Japan over WWII past

Especially provocative is a passage in the book that accuses the Japanese of engaging in cannibalism of POWs. It is not clear how much of that will be in the movie, but in Japan that is too much for some.
“There was absolutely no cannibalism,” said Mutsuhiro Takeuchi, a nationalist-leaning educator and a priest in the traditional Shinto religion. “That is not our custom.”

May not be a custom, now or then, but it happened:

From: Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

Senior Japanese Army Officers hosted a Sake party for their Navy counterparts where the livers of American POW’s were roasted and served as an appetizer. The Japanese Navy officers subsequently reciprocated by hosting a party where they butchered and served their own American POW’s.[1]

The book also documents Japanese cannibalization of not only the livers of freshly killed prisoners, but also the cannibalization-for-sustenance of living prisoners over the course of several days, amputating limbs only as needed to keep the meat fresh in the harsh jungle environment. It also cites cannibalism of Allied soldiers killed in action and of Japanese dead, wounded and by lot drawings.[3]

These atrocities on Chichi-jima, were discovered in late 1945 and was investigated as part of the war crimes trials. In 1946, 30 Japanese soldiers were court-martialed on Guam and four officers (Maj. Matoba, Gen. Tachibana, Adm. Mori and Capt. Yoshii) were found guilty and hanged. All of the enlisted men were released within eight years.[4]