University of Texas Police to Request DoD 2nd-Hand Apache Attack Helicopter and a few spare F-16s

Update: Pentagon Finally Details its Weapons-for-Cops Giveaway

When University of Texas police responded to a bomb threat in 2012, they arrived in a Humvee. It’s one of three large military vehicles the university’s police system has acquired from the Department of Defense. They recently received a mine-resistant vehicle, which was designed to withstand roadside bombs on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“That vehicle will be used solely in response to an active shooter or armed intruder events,” Heidingsfield said. “Or perhaps in anticipation of a major natural catastrophic event.”

We’re expecting major combat operations, from our northern border, over the next 30 to 60 days.  We’ve got our Humvees and MRAP up and running in case the insurgents start in with flying keg stands but if they begin throwing the bomb we’ll want the AH-64 to provide suppressing fire while we smoke those fuckin’ Okies with some 2000 pound LGBs from our University of Texas Schools Police Freedom F-16s.

When asked by CBS news about having surplus military hardware, Director of Police Michael Heidingsfield said:

“I am required to protect and serve the University of Texas System. I ought to employ and have in my repertoire every possible tool. ….. but If I don’t have it and we need it, I’ve not made the right decision.”