C. Angyal: Stretching the raincoat of abortion rights

Generally speaking, Americans understand reproductive rights as being about abortion, and sometimes, about birth control. In the mainstream understanding, reproductive rights are about the right to prevent or end unwanted pregnancy. But reproductive rights are about more than pregnancy. Reproductive justice is not just a matter of making sure that women only become mothers if and when and in the manner they choose – it’s also a matter of making sure that, when they choose to bring children into the world, they don’t bring them into a world that is disproportionately dangerous for those children.

In short, racism is a reproductive rights issue.

Really?  This is like Mary Landrieu [all politicians] answering questions; always tie the question to your narrative.

Here Doc, let me show you how easy the game is played.  I choose [Reductio ad Absurdum]:

You support complete “reproductive rights” to terminate at any time.  Therefor,  your argument above [Fallacy of Composition]  infers reproductive rights to terminate until the 71st trimester.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”  N’est-ce pas?

Have they no editors at Reuters?

via Racism is also a reproductive rights issue.