50 Shades of Fraternity

This is what she does. Here’s a blog interview with Erdely on the craft of magazine writing, discussing an earlier story on a high school student who had sex with a teacher:

Sabrina had two months of false starts while looking for a good “character,” a must for all nonfiction narratives. She was looking for a semirecent case in which the teacher was convicted of something.

“Also one of the qualifications was that the teacher be hot,” Sabrina admitted. “You want the readers to kind of understand the chemistry between them.”

Sabrina, if you are looking for a salacious, school-based story of rape.  Try this one:

LA Unified School District: ‘Not our problem if our teachers have sex with your slut daughters’


via Your Rape: Is It Clickbait? Does It Pop? | The Daily Caller.