Ashe Schow: A productive role for universities in combating campus sexual assault

Knowing that an investigation and criminal trial is going to be a difficult and painful experience, but also knowing that it will ultimately be the best way to receive justice, is something accusers need to know. College administrators have a unique ability to help an accuser through the process to ensure that justice is served.

The schools will not agree to this.  Colleges do not like to have to report crimes of any kind to official authorities.  It makes it more difficult to sell The Product if you have a higher crime rate (1 in 4?) than other potential sponges of student funds.  Also troubling to the 1 in 4 narrative crowd, the definition of sexual assault / rape outside  the utopian confines of campus tribunals, would be real world legal definitions.  Awkward passes and hurt feelings are not (yet?) a crime under the law.

I also believe this would require many adults, under the stupid Legal Drinking Age, having to admit to breaking the law.  Not an inducement for a student to bring up charges.  It would also be an embarrassment to the school administration.  ‘Dean Smutz, why are all of your students under age, drinking so much?’

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