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Kurdish fighters Pervin Kobani, 19, and her father, Farouk, embrace. Pervin left home and took up arms two years ago as the overstretched forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad withdrew from Kurdish areas in northern Syria. She joined the Syrian Kurdish women’s self-defense force, known by its Kurdish acronym YPJ. The female YPJ fighters are now integrated with the men’s units, the YPG.’I didn’t really have any other ambitions. I just wanted to live a free life, as a woman, (to) be able to see our reality, and have our rights and just live,’ she said.

Picture: Jake Simkin/AP

Picture: Jake Simkin/AP

This, Western Media is the “War On Women”: When groups of men, with their high ideals, want to capture you for chattel, rape and murder

Inside Kobane: photographs from frontline against Islamic State