Govt IG Incompetence: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

  • The whistleblower reports wrongdoing to the inspector general.
  • The IG does nothing except forward the complaint to the agency.
  • The agency retaliates against the whistleblower.

“They never listen to whistleblowers,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, a longtime champion of protecting those who expose agency wrongdoing. “They are punishing whistleblowers instead of considering them good, patriotic Americans. They are treated like a skunk at a picnic.”
A recent twist is that agencies are now using IGs to retaliate against whistleblowers or silence them by threatening criminal investigations rather than just personnel actions, said Tom Devine, legal director for the nonpartisan Government Accountability Project.
Criminal investigations conducted by the IGs mean agencies do not have to contend with complex personnel rules or whistleblower protection laws, Devine said.
Trumped-up charges can be anything from accusing the whistleblower of making threats to disclosing classified information, Devine said. The effect is intimidation.

No follow though and no firings because of WH inattention (and their cheerleaders in the press) makes criminals inside government agencies unconcerned of their malfeasance.

For example: The current VA scandal of the Secret Lists…. what has happened?  Has anyone, other than the Va figurehead, been held accountable?  Fired?  Jailed?

via Bad things happen to whistleblowers when watchdogs become attack dogs |