Exposure to Blatant Bias Is Unlikely To Be Understood As ‘News’

When extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy

Nope: NWS Confirms Sandy Was Not a Hurricane At Landfall

batter coastlines or extended heat waves leave cities and towns parched,

Non-specific generalization, much?

some climate justice activists

Are these the incestuous siblings of Social Justice Warriors?

have sought to find a silver lining amidst the grime news. Climate change deniers,

Oh, that term.  No Jews were gassed in Auschwitz, huh?  A term designed to denigrate and illegitimize the other side of a debate.  Climate Change, yes.  Human caused, jury is still out.  [The verdict will take just a few more thousand years.]  ‘Human affected’ is your religious belief of Gaia seeping through. [See how easy the game is?]

they argue, might somehow see that the weather is changing over the span of their lifetimes, which could lead them to admit — finally — that humans are effecting the atmosphere.

Finally?  When will you admit –finally — that eugenics or phrenology are settled science?

And, so the theory goes, the gap between liberals and conservatives on the issue of climate change might slowly close.

This is from the 1st paragraph of the editorial.  Hello Vice News, there is a difference.  Are you still trying to find an editor or was that Vox?

via Exposure to Extreme Weather Is Unlikely To Affect the Views of a Climate Denier | VICE News.