Hello Mullah, hello Fahad, Here I am at Camp Sheik Abu Azzam Al-Ansari

inspired by: Jihadists in Syria write home to France: ‘My iPod is broken. I want to come back’

[regards to Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh, by Allan Sherman  http://youtu.be/9jjiWS__Mp0 ]

Hello Mullah, hello Fahad,
Here I am at Camp Sheik Abu Azzam Al-Ansari
Camp is very entertaining
and they say we’ll have some fun if the infidels stop their bombing

I went marching with Abdul Muhyee
He developed dysentary
You remember Labeeb Saeed
He got martyred last night after prayers.

All the trainers hate Peshmerga
Many Keffers have been murdered
And the Imam wants no haram
So he reads to us from something called koran.

Now I don’t want this should scare ya
But my tentmate has ebola
You remember Jubair Habib
They found his left hand from that JDAM

Take me home, oh mullah fahad, I hate Camp Abu Azzam Al-Ansari
Don’t leave me out in the desert where I might get martyred.
Take me home, I promise I will not make jihad or demand mum wear a burka, oh please don’t make me stay, I’ve been here one whole day.

Dearest fahad, darling mullah,
How’s my precious little bandar?
Let me come home I demand it
My iPod died and I just can’t stand it.

Wait a minute, bombs are falling
Legs still running, arms are flying,
F-16s now, then comes mortars
Hibbaan is back with martyrdom orders.


In a series of letters seen by Le Figaro newspaper, some of the 376 French currently fighting in Syria have begged for advice on how to return. Others have complained that, rather than participating in a noble battle, they have been acting as jihadi dogsbodies.
“I’ve basically done nothing except hand out clothes and food,” wrote one, who wants to return from Aleppo. “I also help clean weapons and transport dead bodies from the front. Winter’s arrived here. It’s begun to get really hard.”
Another writes: “I’m fed up. They make me do the washing up.”
One Frenchman whinged that he wanted to come home because he was missing the comforts of life in France.
“I’m fed up. My iPod doesn’t work any more here. I have to come back.”