5 Sided War: Daeshi / Saudi Arabia Attacks

The Saudi Interior Ministry reported Nov. 24 that three Saudi citizens and a Qatari linked to IS had carried out an attack on a Shiite village in the oil-rich Eastern province in early November. The attack killed nine Shiites and injured 13. The jihadist cell was tracked and all four members killed or arrested. At least two Saudi police officers died in the clashes involving multiple gunfights. Another 77 suspects with alleged links to the killers — including a Jordanian, a Turk and a Syrian — were arrested. The rest are Saudis. The Interior Ministry does not often defend Shiites’ rights, but in this case, it had no choice given the IS connection.

Let me guess: Daeshi want to impose sharia law on a country that already imposes sharia law–just the wrong flavor.  Amiright?

via Islamic State cell strikes Shiites in Saudi Arabia – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.