College Children Dreck

via The Microaggression Farce by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Autumn 2014.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

How are you? I am fine.

I am learned lots of knew stuff here in college. Scarey dreams have been triggered alot by teacher’s microagressions.  My pod-mate friend who is from Denver has brownies that make me feel better but they are spensive

Send me more money from your undeserved heteropatriarchal capitalist retirement accounts so I can get more brownies.

Pet my companion animal Fluffy for me, alot.


Val Rust’s dissertation-prep class had devolved into a highly charged arena of competing victim ideologies, impenetrable to anyone outside academia. For example: Were white feminists who use “standpoint theory”—a feminist critique of allegedly male-centered epistemology—illegitimately appropriating the “testimonial” genre used by Chicana feminists to narrate their stories of oppression? Rust took little part in these “methodological” disputes—if one can describe “Chicana testimonials” as a scholarly “method”—but let the more theoretically up-to-date students hash it out among themselves. Other debates centered on the political implications of punctuation. Rust had changed a student’s capitalization of the word “indigenous” in her dissertation proposal to the lowercase, thus allegedly showing disrespect for the student’s ideological point of view. Tensions arose over Rust’s insistence that students use the more academic Chicago Manual of Style for citation format; some students felt that the less formal American Psychological Association conventions better reflected their political commitments. During one of these heated discussions, Rust reached over and patted the arm of the class’s most vociferous critical race–theory advocate to try to calm him down—a gesture typical of the physically demonstrative Rust, who is prone to hugs. The student, Kenjus Watson, dramatically jerked his arm away, as a burst of nervous energy coursed through the room.

Only on a college campus can such dreck be written and said, Very Earnest, with a straight face.

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via The Microaggression Farce by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Autumn 2014.