Vlad Pushes His Reset Button Again (con’d) Crimea Fighter Edition

Russia continues to encircle Ukraine with air power: according to ITAR TASS news agency, Belbek airbase, in Crimea, was reinforced with ten upgraded Su-27SM and four Su-30 fourth-generation fighter jets.

The aircraft, which flew to the Belbek from southern Russia’s Krasnodar territory on Nov. 26, will serve with the 62nd Fighter Regiment of the 27th Combined Air Division of the Russian Air Force.

Belbek, the main airfield of the peninsula annexed by Moscow earlier this year, will operate a total of 24 warplanes and six training combat aircraft. First training sorties will be launched on Dec. 1.

The move comes few days after Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, reported that the Russian Federation is amassing forces, including radar stations and Mig-31 Foxhound combat planes, at the eastern border with Ukraine, where pro-Russia separatists are fighting against Kiev regular forces.

via The Aviationist » Russia is basing 14 combat planes, including modernized Su-27s and Su-30s, to Crimea.