Md. Laborers Union Bets on Horse to Win – Out $500K

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, executive director of Common Cause Maryland, said it might be difficult for Brown to repay the loan after his loss.

“I don’t know how they’re going to raise the money if they couldn’t do it before the election,” Bevan-Dangel said. “If you lose, it becomes really tricky to pay it off.”

‘So, you’re telling me you still want to be my ‘friend’ but you’re NOT going to be the governor.  Now, you want us to give you more money?’

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA …..Vinnie, show this looser out.

Next Tuesday, Brown.  Not just the vig–the whole nut.

 Next.    Fuckin’.   Tuesday.   Brown.’

Will the LIU loan $500,000.00 to any schmo?

via Anthony Brown failed to repay $500,000 loan on time – Baltimore Sun.