Not from The Onion or Penthouse: Lawyer Accused of Hypnotizing, Directing Woman to Perform Sex Acts

As detailed in an affidavit prepared by an investigator with the Lorain County prosecutor, “Jane Doe” hired Fine last year to represent her in a child custody matter. The woman recently contacted cops to report that she had “strange memories and feelings” after a series of meetings with Fine that occurred in his office and in a conference room at the county courthouse.

“She would be unable to recall substantial portions of the meetings, and afterwards she would realize her clothes and bra were out of place and moved, and her vagina was wet,” reported investigator Richard Thomas.

After being told by cops that “more definite evidence” was needed, the woman recorded her next two telephone conversations with Fine, and provided the tapes to police. As described by Thomas, one of the October recordings begins with a discussion of the woman’s court case, “but when Fine learns she is alone, he places her in a trance.” What follows, Thomas noted, “is of an explicit sexual nature, wherein he induces her into multiple orgasms.”

via Attorney Probed For Hypnotizing Female Clients | The Smoking Gun.