Voxplaining Presidential Usurpation of Law: Its Inevitable

But when it comes to the oft-discussed “norms” of politics, it will be extremely hard for future Republican presidents to rhetorically cite Obama’s immigration actions as a precedent, when so many in the party have denounced it as a massive and tyrannical overreach. The president needs to present his actions to the country as constitutional and responsible plans to better the country, not as unconstitutional and irresponsible efforts at payback. A lot of partisan acrobatics tend to take place over executive power issues, but this would be an especially bizarre-looking contortion.

Instead, both parties are likely to continue to push ahead with the trend of growing executive authority — carving out new ways for presidents to get what they want when Congress won’t cooperate. That trend predated Obama, and it will succeed him, too.

Oh yeah….. They could never get away with this.

via What could a Republican president do with Obama’s executive power theories? – Vox.