Prince Chuck Will Speak Out As King–All Will Continue Not To Pay Attention

In the past Charles has stirred controversy by lobbying politicians over issues such as genetic modification of crops, education and health. The government has already conceded that if the currently secret “black spider memos” he has written to ministers are ever made public, and readers concluded Prince Charles was disagreeing with government policy, that could “seriously damage” his future role as king.

“The prince understands the need to be careful about how he expresses concerns or asks questions, but I do think he will keep doing exactly that,” said Patrick Holden, an organic farmer, friend of the prince and adviser to him on sustainability. “He is part of an evolving monarchy that is changing all the time. He feels these issues are too serious to ignore.”

Brilliant!  Right then … off you go.

via Prince Charles will not be silenced when he is made king, say allies | UK news | The Guardian.