‘At The Clinton Foundation We Don’t Always Travel, But When We Do: G5s and Five Stars’

Travel expenses for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for last year totaled more than $8 million, a greater amount than the nonprofit reported in previous years, according to Internal Revenue Service filings.
The filings, provided to POLITICO by the Republican research arm America Rising, are the first look at the foundation’s expenditures since it changed its name last year and was joined by Hillary Clinton after she left the State Department.
The travel costs were $8.448 million, according to the 990 forms the foundation filed with the IRS. America Rising obtained a copy at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark. That figure was about 5 percent of the more than the $145 million the Clinton Foundation raised last year, but 10 percent of its expenses.

via Clinton Foundation reports spike in travel expenses – Maggie Haberman – POLITICO.