There I Was: Inverted, One Burnin’ and One Turnin’…

…flak clouds so thick it looked like you could walk on them.  SAMs lookin’ like big fiery telephone poles screaming up at me….. and how’d I know I was upside-down?

All them Air Medals hangin’ in my face.

“As I orbited our Predator over Tarnak Farms, a dusty jumble of buildings in a mud-walled compound just outside Kandahar, Afghanistan, we spotted a strikingly tall man in white robes being treated deferentially by a group of men,” Swanson writes in Breaking Defense today, his first public comments on the September 2000 incident, a year before the 9/11 attacks. “[Sensor operator Master Sgt.] Jeff [Guay] and I immediately knew we had bin Laden in our sights. The U.S. had been searching for OBL for years and now here he was, exquisitely framed on our screen.”
One major problem: At the time, Predator drones were for reconnaissance only and didn’t carry missiles. Bin Laden escaped from Tarnak and evaded American forces until he was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs a decade later in May 2011.

Sure ya’ did, fellow.

Whats the difference between a pilots story and a fairy tale?

A fairy tale begins: One upon a time…. and a pilots story begins: There I was…..

via Early Predator Drone Pilot: I Had Bin Laden in My Crosshairs – ABC News.