Fashion World Threatens Cold Shoulder For Minister Of Big Hats Upcoming Pyongyang Show

In a row over working conditions for his Big Hat models “eL Kim’ has been desperately seeking allies in the rogue fashion industry (Vlad “The Plaid”, “Big” Joko Widodo, Danni Ortega, Raúl “Rupa” Castro) to prevent a boycott of the Spring 2015 show.

Minister of Big Hats, "eL KIm": reviewing new color swatches

Minister of Big Hats, “eL KIm”: reviewing new color swatches

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — An anxious North Korea will see Tuesday how the boldest effort yet to bring its leaders to account for alleged crimes against humanity will move forward, as the U.N. General Assembly’s human rights committee votes on a resolution that demands the country’s referral to the International Criminal Court. “The members of the United Nations should not , once again, turn away from the rights of the people of North Korea to have accountability for great crimes,” the head of the commission of inquiry, retired Australian judge Michael Kirby, said in a statement Tuesday. The mere possibility that young leader Kim Jong Un could be targeted by prosecutors has led the impoverished but nuclear-armed North Korea on a surprising campaign to promote its rights record — described by a Pyongyang envoy in a rare appearance last month as “the politics of love for the people” — and to dangle hints of cooperation, including a possible visit by the U.N. human rights chief. “We will see,” Ri Tong Il said of his country’s chances between chats with Russia, Indonesia, Nicaragua and several African nations. The resolution sponsored by the European Union and Japan calls on the U.N. Security Council to refer North Korea’s situation to the ICC. Permanent council member China has signaled that it would veto such a move. North Korea has been nervous enough to court Russia, another permanent council member, with high-level visits in recent weeks. Cuba has proposed an amendment that would delete the resolution’s language about an ICC referral, arguing that any country could be targeted like this in the future.

North Korea faces key vote in UN on human rights