The Free Market Answer to the War On Drugs (Lebanon)

YAMMOUNEH/AL-QASR, Lebanon: For the second year in a row, cannabis farmers in the Bekaa Valley have been able to reap their harvests without being harassed or prosecuted by the security forces. But now farmers are facing a new problem: a flooded market and falling prices.
But it seems that the Army and ISF’s decision to stop trying to destroy the cannabis plants – for the moment – has led to another problem for the farmers: the retail price is dropping due to the sheer amount of the product on the market.
With no one to destroy the crops, the local market is likely to drown in cannabis – both the more expensive version, known as the rose, and the cheaper one, called kabsha – hence the drastic reduction in prices.

via Left to flourish, cannabis farms see profits fall | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR.